Tips For A Successful 60 Seconds

Marketing a small business through word of mouth is critical for cost effective sales growth and your ability to get your key points across in a short space of time is essential

Many networking events have a time built into their agenda for word of mouth marketing allowing you 60 seconds to formally explain about your business and what you do. Sometimes this time slot can be 2 minutes, 3 minutes or even 5 minutes. You must make the most of this.

Although in essence a sixty seconds pitch is just an extended elevator pitch I shall make a distinction between them.

Your elevator pitch is the response you would give in any situation when someone asks you ‘what do you do?’ A 60 seconds pitch is where you are actually allocated a set time in which to explain what you do to others and usually to a number of people at once. So in some cases you are verging on public speaking.

Your 60 seconds is your opportunity to get your audience interested in what you do so they will be compelled to find out more. It is also an opportunity to let your audience know what contacts you are seeking and who you would like to speak to.

One of the most important points to remember is that you will most likely be one of a number of people standing up doing a sixty seconds pitch, so going over your allotted time is likely to switch off your audience at the very least and when the time schedule is thrown out cause annoyance to all participants as you cut into their valuable networking time. Will your audience now feel inclined to speak with you further or will they steer clear of you?

So my public speaking tips for your effective 60 seconds are…

  1. Keep to your allotted time
  2. Remember more is less – even if you are allocated 3 minutes I would recommend that you keep your pitch nearer to sixty seconds as your audience is likely to switch off
  3. Decide the purpose of your pitch – what one key message do you want to get over and what will you cover to help you achieve this?
  4. Engage your audience– consider starting your pitch by posing a question which will capture your audience’s attention e.g. ‘who here would like to reduce their costs?’…or ‘who do you know who…?’ and then explain how your business can help achieve this or help.
  5. Make it interesting so your audience wants to listen to you– make it amusing, use props, tell a story or mention a special offer you have on. Think about how experts in public speaking use props and amusing anecdotes……
  6. Be a specialist – people will remember you if have a particular area of expertise
  7. Focus on what you do and how you can help rather than what you are e.g. ‘I help people feel good about how they look’ versus ‘I am an image consultant’
  8. Be specific about the contacts you are looking for – asking for contacts with ‘anyone’ will produce no results, asking for contact with a specific business or sector will do.
  9. Try including a brief testimonial from a satisfied client – people are more likely to accept praise for your services from a 3rd party
  10. Finish with a memorable tag line or catch phrase which will help people remember your services
  11. Convey your passion – passionate people exude energy and people like people with energy. If you can’t be passionate about what you do you may have some searching questions to ask yourself.
  12. Finally practice, practice, practice…until you get the results you want. Word of mouth marketing can be really effective if rigorously prepared.