Business Networking Goals

Consider this the online networking tutorial for preparing your business networking plan and goal setting. Setting effective business networking goals are an absolute must if you are to get full value for your time and money from your business networking activities.

Have you ever:

  • Turned up to an event without any clear purpose?
  • Wandered around aimlessly talking to just anyone who might be free?
  • Let conversations drift at the expense of meeting other people?
  • Not made full use of your time with the people you have spoken with?
  • Come away from any event thinking you could have made better use of your time and money?

If the answer is yes then you are not alone, so many of us at some point have fallen into one or more of these traps, wasting both time and money, all of which can be avoided if you take time out to prepare your business networking plan and set yourself clear goals at the outset.

If you set yourself clearly defined goals then you will not only use your time efficiently, you will get the results you are seeking. Clearly defined goals fixed clearly in your head will automatically guide you to spending your time in the best way for you.

The goal setting networking tutorial advice is:

  1. Decide what you must achieve to have made the event worthwhile e.g. is your objective to distribute your business cards to everyone attending, is it a fact-finding exercise, do you want to specifically talk to two or three people who you could form a strategic alliance with or do you want to speak with someone who could introduce you to a particular organisation?
  2. Be clear on who you want to talk to – if possible ask for a list of attendees, and decide who on the list you think it would be most useful to talk to.
  3. Think about what information you want to go away with.
  4. Think about what information you want to convey? (And always keep in mind networking is not about selling, it’s about meeting people and building relationships so they will want to talk to you at a later date.)
  5. If the passing of referrals are an integral part of the event think about what specific introductions you are looking for and be prepared to ask for them.
  6. Consider what else you want to happen as a result of your attendance at the event?

Finally, have a clear picture of your goal in your head and be positive about achieving it – think about how it will feel if you achieve it. Act as if you have already achieved the goal. The Law of Attraction says that your thoughts and feelings become reality!