10 Tips for Relationship Building

Power networkers know that building relationships starts by helping others. Here are my networking tips for easy ways to help others

Take time to find out how you can help others

Listening is the highest form of respect you can show someone.

  • Show genuine interest in someone’s business and find out:
  • What services and benefits do they offer
  • What customers are they looking for
  • What contacts would be useful for them
  • How else can you help them

Spot opportunities for others

Whether you are with friends and family or work colleagues listen to what problems they have. Do you know someone who can solve that problem for them, providing them with a business opportunity?

Share your contacts with others

Be prepared to give names and contact details to those people you know like and trust.

Make positive introductions

If you spot two people who could benefit from knowing each other make the effort to introduce each other.

When relationship building with your contacts use positive words such as ‘Mary is the really great accountant I was talking to you about’ or ‘Peter is a real expert in building websites – he’s really helped me get more business already.’

’Warm up’ leads

Ask your contact whether they may be contacted by the person whose services you are referring. This way you are warming up the lead and that person knows to expect a call.

Provide testimonials

Testimonials are a great way of demonstrating that you have satisfied customers so think how grateful your suppliers will be if you voluntarily given them a written testimonial. Remember to provide an electronic copy so they can just copy and paste it for use on their website and marketing material.

Give free advice

If someone has a problem be generous with any help and advice you can give which draws upon your area of expertise. This will not only show you are willing to help but also that you are an expert in this area.

Return favors

Thank someone for any favors they have done for you and ask how you can help in return.